About Us

Currently the company has more than 40 employees specializing in generating high-quality content in the casino gaming environment, with special emphasis on slots, which have a volume of more than 5 million daily spins, more than 50 spins per second.

Our games area translated into more than 16 languages: Spanish, English, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Turkish, Finnish, Chinese, Polish, Swedish, Dutch, Danish and Norweigan.


Red Rake has been developing top quality casino games for years, having developed so far more that 50 slots, several video bingos games, a roulette game, more that 15 video poker games and a blackjack game.


We have developed all the slots of Our Slots and Our Vegas, social casino games available in several social networks (Facebook, Japanese Yahoo! Mobage and the Russian Vkontakte VK y Odnoklassniki OK), and also available in the mobile platforms iTunes, Google Play and Amazon Store. Our Slots is the only social casino app of a Spanish company included in Top Grossing Worldwide Facebook list of casino games.

About us

Worldwide Range

16 Languages

12 Languages
Worldwide Range

Our games are translated into 16 languages and we have users in more than 100 countries.

We've adapted our games to the cultures and customs of our users in the main countries where we are present in order to increase their engagement. A clear example are our adaptations for Russia and Japan.

Users by country

Users by country

7 Game platforms

7 Game platforms

Quality and Experience

The Red Rake promise is to create top-level casino games online and rely on experience, research and quality in everything we do.

The success of the gaming sector for online casino games depends on many factors. Important among them is having games of the highest quality; Red Rake dominates every aspect involved in the creation of the best and most attractive features and game mechanics and the necessary mathematical component to create a well-balanced game which gives the user a fantastic game experience.

In addition to our experience in the online casino gaming sector, our wide knowledge of the diverse platforms and technologies and our capacity to innovate places us in a privileged position towards the future of the sector.

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